Reliance on faith, family and friends empowered this Irish American family to transform unspeakable tragedy into triumph over a disease that attempted to shatter them. You will laugh, cry, and share this unimaginable, inescapable journey. Th is story reaffirms the importance of family and how the ties that bind us are stronger than forces that attempt to tear us apart.

On another level, this book has truly been a labor of love. It is about a promise kept, and the love between sisters that never dies.


Kathleen McGlinchey is a first generation Irish American, from a family of seven siblings, which shaped her life and this story. She has been a Michigan educator for thirty years, with experience at all grade levels with the exception of sixth grade. She resides in Lansing, Michigan with her husband, Mark. Megan, their daughter is now twenty one, and Matt, their son is twenty. Both attend college and return home for the summer.

Her passions in life have included teaching young children to read, gardening, sports, and
spending time with her immediate and extended families.


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