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Being Safe at the Workplace

3 Crane Safety Myths That You Can’t Afford To Believe

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The statistics that surround crane accidents are frightening. In 2009, a full 50% of the crane accidents in the United States that had injuries also resulted in fatalities. An average of 80 workers whose jobs involve lifting and material handling die every year. And 90% of crane accidents can be attributed to human error. Despite the fact that most employers offer safety training, there’s clearly more work to be done when it comes to eliminating errors that compromise the safety – and even the lives – of crane workers. It’s easy...

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Where Do Contaminants Come From, And How Should This Affect Your Choice Of Filter?

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You want to make sure you get the best compressed air filter for your industrial needs. The two main choices for large industrial uses are particulate and coalescing filters. The type you choose depends on your individual needs. While getting advice from a professional in the business is important to making the correct selection, there are some basics you can learn on your own to give you an idea of what type of filter you should be looking at in your search. Here are the benefits of both particulate and coalescing air filters. The...

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4 Fascinating Places You Can Find Precious Metals

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You don’t have to strike out on your own as a speculative miner to find new treasure troves of precious metals. Whether you’re looking for new sources for business applications or you’d just like to have something to sell for a tidy profit, you’ll find precious metals in some unexpected — and quite common — places. Here are four potential sources that might be hiding valuable materials. 1. Electronic Equipment Computers, monitors, cell phones, and other electronic devices all contain significant amounts of...

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Why Geometry Matters In Micromachining

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When dealing with a wide variety of materials, from prehardened metals and non-ferrous alloys to plastics and other soft materials, it’s important to consider the varied geometric features found on a wide variety of microtools. The following offers a few considerations when choosing the best microtools for common micromachining tasks. Geometric Considerations One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to micromachining is the assumption that the cutting tools used for these applications are simply smaller versions of their larger...

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Boiler Scaling: How To Prevent It And What You Can Do If It Happens

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Steam boilers are typically rugged, reliable pieces of equipment, but they do require close monitoring to ensure safe and efficient operation. If you are responsible for the operation or maintenance of a boiler, even a rented unit, it is critical that you understand how to properly handle your day-to-day tasks of running and maintaining the equipment. There is a lot to learn about boilers, but a great starting point is to learn more about preventing and eradicating a common cause of boiler trouble: the accumulation of scale. Here is more...

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